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Our way

#human to #human

We are convinced that we can ship great software with the help of better communication with our customers and strong software development skills.

The application that you need

We pledge to use every project as an opportunity to understand our customers needs and domain of activity in order to deliver the right software, the one that truly meets their needs.

We do more than great code

Whether your are looking for a software development team, technical trainings, help to shape your ideas into great products or you are completely lost in your legacy system, get in touch with us, we'd love to help you.

Our services


Anyone can code, but being good at it takes practice and dedication. We love to get involved anywhere we can learn and practice our craft.


We strive to master our craft, and one way to get there is to teach others. We can deliver both technical and Agile trainings.


Sometines, all it takes is someone to show you the way. With our combined knowledge and experience, we are the perfect mentor for startup CTOs and software developers.

Code reviewers

We have been writing code for a while, and we probably have already done the mistakes you're doing at the moment and that are slowing you down. We can help you make it right.

Our skills

We count skilled Agile practitioners, speakers and conference organizers in our team and all our software developers practice test driver development for breakfast. We can help all aspects of your projects, from turning your ideas into a minimum viable product to software development and legacy code refactoring and testing.


Ruby is our first love.


We are part of the cool kids.


Because it's awesome.


We know hipster.


Bip bop bop beep.

Our dedication

Learning and knowledge sharing being our two core values, we invest a significant amount of our time in the technical communities around us. Our team members take part in organizing local conferences such the Agile Tour Brussels. We are also proud to have kickstarted the now worldwide Ruby Burgers but also the OpenHack Brussels community and to take part in RailsGirls Belgium as well as the NEST Kids summer camp and the Kids Code program. We take this involvement very seriously, we strongly believe that supporting those communities is what helps us stay up-to-date and creative at all times. Work with us and see for yourself.

Team, Team, Team

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